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What is Landscaping?

Over the past millennia, our need to landscape has been driven by aesthetic and practical needs. It is those needs that still resonate with us to this day. Why not utilize landscaping as an expression of yourself and the extension your home needs to help create your haven in the city. Whether you’re trying to go native, grow a farm, or create your own Zen garden, Baron Construction and Remodeling Co., can help transform your yard into whatever vision you desire.

What is Hardscaping?

Much like landscaping, hardscaping came about when humans wanted to beautify their territory by utilizing inanimate materials and integrating them within their local environment. Although the world is filled with countless statues, monuments, and other artifacts, hardscaping is not limited to these objects. In fact, hardscaping can be as simple as paving a stone path throughout your yard, or installing a fence to protect certain areas of your garden. Hardscaping can even be as personal as building a deck or installing a sprinkler system for your yard. As you can imagine, hardscaping is the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor beauty, encompassing the luxuries of a home within nature. Contact us or check out our brochure for more information on our previous landscaping and hardscaping work, and what we can possibly do for you.

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