How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor

A good contractor should be someone who takes care of everything, ensuring that your remodeling job is totally hassle-free from concept to completion. You want someone who is qualified with a contractor license to get the job done, someone who can complete all the electrical work themselves; someone who not only has all the necessary permits, but can tell you upfront during the quote process exactly what permits will be needed to do the job, and offer to show you their permits without being asked. They will start and complete the job for you, end-to-end. This way, you will save a lot of invaluable energy and time.

A good contractor isn’t just a pair of hands and the right trade education – they must have their own strong sense of design. They should be able to proceed with your remodeling job true to your ideas, aesthetic and design choices. They must know how to listen, communicate and understand what you want. Any remodeling contractor that really has this independent ability to imagine and create a stylish conversion or improvement should be confident to point out problematic or improvable elements of your own design ideas, and put forward alternatives for you to choose from. They work with your vision, listen and give actionable inputs based on their own design expertise. After all, why trust your home with a contractor who isn’t well-versed with design?

A good contractor has a commitment to customer service as well as getting the hands-on part of the job right. Too often you hear stories from distraught homeowners who are literally locked out of their home for weeks without communication from their building contractors, and when they finally do get in contact, it’s to say that the project can’t go forward without extra money. No one should have to put up with this. Before your sign the contract, make sure that you are confident in their commitment to customer service. Ensure that you have it in writing from your contractor that they will keep you informed of expenses as the project goes forward. No extra expenses should ever come as a surprise, and they should be held accountable to let you know if it looks like the project may go over budget as soon as they think it might be the case.

Since you work hard and can’t afford the time to work around your builder’s schedule, it helps if you can find a contractor who is willing to work round the clock, keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Think of a good contractor like a good and reliable friend – always there for advice, questions and anything you may need.


Once you have found a contractor you trust, it is important to go over all details and make sure everything is written in their proposal. Make sure all the agreements are documented.

Your home is the biggest material investment you’ll make in your life, and the hours that you put into paying off your mortgage are the biggest investment in your time. Your house is the most important place for you to be able to feel secure, in control, and able to express yourself. A second-rate remodeling contractor might devalue your investment; undermine your sense of security and control; or let you down when it comes to really expressing yourself through your choice of design and style. In order to value the investment you’ve already made into your home, you must invest time and energy in finding a good contractor. A committed, qualified remodeling contractor is the only one who can repay that investment and ensure that you’re adding more value to your home – in your price range and on your terms.

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