8 Ways to Protect Your Home from Rains and Flooding

In preparation for the wettest time of the year, we must ensure our homes are protected from the potentially extensive damage that flooding can cause. So if the worst comes to the worst and your area is affected by flooding you will be able to escape relatively unscathed.

Here are 8 things you can do to safeguard your home this rainy season.

1. Electric

If there’s one thing that doesn’t mix well with water, it’s electricity. If you live in an area prone to flooding you should seriously consider a remodel that includes moving your sockets to a minimum of 1.5m above the ground, or over a foot higher than the expected flood level.

You may consider it expensive, but it will be a whole lot cheaper than repairing flood damage to your electrical system, plus the potential fire hazard.

2. Plumbing

One unattractive side effect of flooding is that, if the sewer becomes flooded, it can cause sewage to flow back up your pipes and into your home.

To avoid this, consider installing ‘non-return’ or ‘gate’ valves to stop the incoming waste.

3. Flooring

It is worth it to bring in a home remodeler to help you design watertight flooring. Some materials are less absorbent and therefore less likely to suffer damage than others. For example, consider using plastic skirting boards and tiled floors instead of wooden alternatives.

4. Roof

When you think of flooding, understandably your attention is drawn to the bottom of the house. However, if your roof is old or unmaintained, you may find water seeping through. Make sure you call a roofer or home remodeler to deal with any maintenance issues so you’re not fighting the flood from both ends.

5. Dry-proof

As well as ensuring your floors and skirting boards are well sealed, it may be a good investment to apply sealant to the outside walls of your home to prevent moisture soaking through to the inside.

6. Water-proof

You may want to consider a remodel to include vents that will let water that gets into the house flow out again rather than get stuck inside and continue to rise may be successful in keeping the water level in your home as low as possible. You’ll need 2 vents on different walls to promote a flow. This remodeling effort is definitely worth the peace of mind brought about by preparedness for future rains.

7. Raise your appliances

If you’re raising your sockets it only makes sense that you also raise the appliances that use the sockets.

Keep electrical appliances, including air conditioning units and generators above the height that is considered a flood risk.

8. Raise your home

If you live in an area that frequently suffers from severe flooding. You may have to consider a major remodel that involves elevating your entire home on a platform or columns so that your home starts higher than the flood level for your area. Although, costly it could work out in your favour if you find yourself paying for flood repair often enough. Remember, your home will always be an investment.

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Why is Home Remodeling a Great Investment?

One of the most important investments you will make over the course of your lifetime is your home. Your home is a source of pride and joy. It represents all the years of hard work you have put throughout your career. Keeping your home in top condition is not only essential to keep it looking good for visitors and guests. In fact, it is essential to maintain your home in order to keep the structure and fixtures solid and free from any major problems – and therefore live in peace.

Whether you are living in your house or have simply bought one as an investment, it is crucial that you consider home remodeling. Read on to learn the need for home remodeling and how to keep your property at its best and most valuable.

Why You Should Consider Home Remodeling:

It is understandable that you want to keep your home updated, structurally sound, and well maintained in order to live comfortably. On top of that, here are a few more reasons why you should seriously consider home remodeling:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:

The first impact of home remodeling is the massive aesthetic enhancement for the entire residence. A simple remodeling of the kitchen, living room, or guest room can add a whole new dimension to your home and give it a modern makeover.

  1. Improving Plumbing, Electric, and other Installations:

Often times homeowners later add installations that may not be part of the original plans. This can lead to unforeseen problems which may seriously damage and increase depreciation of the plumbing and electrical structure of the home. Keeping up with these changes through remodeling will add an updated look to your home and safely and efficiently integrate all fittings and installations too, all while stopping wear and tear.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

Modern home remodeling techniques take into account energy efficiency. This can help drive down utility bills and keep your home at a comfortable living temperature.

How Home Remodeling Adds Value to Your Residence:

The best part about home remodeling is that you can enjoy the experience of an updated interior and simultaneously add value to your residence. Here are just a few ways home remodeling can help drive the value of your house sky high:

  1. Buyers Like “New”:

Have you ever seen people complaining about low offers for their “solid” construction? The truth is that our eyes do a lot of the thinking for us, and when buyers are treated to a remodeled interior with new fittings, their offers automatically go up. The kitchen is known to be the most valuable remodeled asset in a house, which can help increase its value by up to 40%.

  1. Aesthetics Count:

A home that has recently been remodeled and has new paint and expandable storage space will go a long way in increasing the value of your home. Even a remodeled kitchen or bathroom that is in line with the latest design and neutral color theme will appear appealing to buyers.

  1. Extra Storage Space:

One great benefit of home remodeling is that you can add extra storage space by opening up room in corners, under staircases, or by simply moving heavy furniture. This not only makes rooms seem bigger and more inviting but also helps make your home more attractive to buyers.

With all the reasons to consider remodeling, take action today and do it only with the most trusted contractor out there. As our founder Mike Baron puts it, ‘You can never lose by remodeling your home. Whatever you do to your house, it is always going to be there in the house value.’

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How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor

A good contractor should be someone who takes care of everything, ensuring that your remodeling job is totally hassle-free from concept to completion. You want someone who is qualified with a contractor license to get the job done, someone who can complete all the electrical work themselves; someone who not only has all the necessary permits, but can tell you upfront during the quote process exactly what permits will be needed to do the job, and offer to show you their permits without being asked. They will start and complete the job for you, end-to-end. This way, you will save a lot of invaluable energy and time.

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